Patchouli Soap – Natural Handmade Soap

Patchouli Soap - Natural Handmade SoapPatchouli Soap is one of our bestsellers in our natural handmade soap collection. Infused with 100% pure patchouli essential oils, the Patchouli Natural Handmade Soap is suitable for sensitive skin, and even for skin that is having skin problems such as eczema.

Patchouli essential oil is a precious and expensive essential oil with many healing benefits for both body and soul.

As a result, the Patchouli Soap is a beautiful mild moisturizing soap that has calming, rejuvenating and healing benefits.

Patchouli essential oils helps to calm and rejuvenate our emotions. It is very relaxing to take a hot bath or shower with Patchouli Soap, and to take deep breaths enjoying the Patchouli essential oils in the soap, especially after a stressful day at work.

The Patchouli essential oils can also help to heal acne and lighten dark spots from the skin. Combined with the finest natural botanical ingredients in the soap such as olive oil, the Patchouli Natural Handmade Soap is ideal to help heal acne and lighten dark spots on the skin.

The Patchouli Soap has antiseptic properties which helps skin problems like acne and eczema to heal faster, and relieves itching. It’s anti-inflamatory properties helps to soothe the problem skin.

The Patchouli Soap is a new addition to our range of natural handmade soap. Made with exquisite ingredients such as Olive Oil and Patchouli Oil, it has been a big hit with our customers! They simply love it! It is my personal favourite too!

Just after 2 weeks of using the soap, I noticed that my skin tone had improved drastically, becoming fairer and smoother, with even skin tone.

One of my friends, Kim, happily pointed to the large sunspot on her face, and told me that it had become lighter. True enough, I looked, and it had kind of faded.

The Patchouli soap is great for older people too, as they tend to have age-related spots on the skin. the Patchouli Soap can help lighten these age spots, while easing away wrinkles and chapped skin.

My mom uses the Patchouli Soap, and after a couple months, her skin looks moisturized with more even skin tone. The age spots on the arms had lightened, and become lesser.

Put a bar of Patchouli Soap in your kitchen, and you will transform it into a spa! the Patchouli Soap is great for removing fishy odor from cooking activities as well.

The Patchouli Soap is great as a Mother’s Day gift, or birthday gift, or even an all-occasion “Thank you, mom” gift.

Get our 3in1 Pack (3 bars of 120g soaps), now at a special price of RM69.90 nett (RP:RM79.90)!

All soaps are made in Penang, Malaysia. It is all natural handmade soap with no harmful chemicals, animal fats, synthetic fragrances, artificial colorants, or any other artificial ingredients. Only 100% pure essential oils are added for your well being.