Tea Tree Oil Soap – Natural Handmade Soap

Tea Tree Oil Soap - Natural Handmade Soap

Tea Tree Oil Soap is an all-time favourite, and highly recommended for people who have yet to try out our lovely natural handmade soaps.

Made up of 100% natural ingredients, the tea tree oil soap is a must-have soap on standby to aid in all situations ranging from skin allergies like rashes, itching, to minor cuts and bruises. (Of course, if the problem persists, it is very important you must seek medical attention, as this is not a type of medicine. The tea tree oil soap can only help your body to heal itself faster.)

Our Natural Origin Tea Tree Oil Soap is infused with 100% natural pure tea tree oil essential oils that naturally contain healing benefits and delicately made with olive oil, Rice Bran Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and Mulberry Leaf… all for the best benefits of your skin. 🙂

The all natural tea tree oil soap is a great travelling companion too, to meet unforeseen circumstances. It contains antiseptic properties can be a life-saver in many situations.

When I was on a tour to Beijing, it was summer, and Beijing was heavily polluted with haze and flower pollen flying freely in the air. Everyone developed allergies.

Even our seasoned tour guide developed skin itchiness due to the pollution. As she is a seasoned traveller, she used the hotel soap which made the skin condition worse. It was really bad and she was suffering from non-stop itchiness, redness of skin, inflamation and rashes.

I offered her a couple of the Natural Origin Tea Tree Oil Soap mini-bars (see our 12-in-1 Pack) and after using the Tea Tree Oil Soap to bathe, the itches instantly reduced significantly! Even after just one bath! After several days of using the soap, the itchiness stopped, and her skin started to heal. She was very impressed and is a loyal customer since then.

Even for skin without problems, when you use it for the first time, you will find that the soap is luxuriously moisturizing without being oily.

That is why the Tea Tree Oil Soap is great for skin with acne. It kills the bacteria and promotes healing. It does not strip the skin of its natural barriers, unlike commercial soaps or synthetic facial cleansers.

People with acne should use the Natural Origin’s Tea Tree Oil Soap as a first step. Delighted customers have feedback to us that their acne condition improved in as little as 2 weeks!

The antibacterial properties of the Tea Tree Oil Soap also makes it great for athletes as they tend to sweat a lot. Care should be given so that the skin does not develop yeast infection or athlete’s foot caused by bacteria.

The Tea Tree Oil Soap is certainly a must-have in your natural handmade soap collection.

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All soaps are made in Penang, Malaysia. It is all natural handmade soap with no harmful chemicals, animal fats, synthetic fragrances, artificial colorants, or any other artificial ingredients. Only 100% pure essential oils are added for your well being.